Sacred Money Archetypes

“Sacred Money Archetype”

Definition of ‘Archetype’

Discovery Session

Each of us is born with a ‘sacred’ financial destiny we are meant to fulfill. What if you knew what that was and were able to align YOUR spiritual and financial success to create powerful results for you and your business?

If you’re ready to stop stressing out about money and, instead, generate more income and financial freedom … on your terms, to transform your deepest fears regarding money into enlightened and joyful action:

Knowing YOUR Sacred Money Archetype will allow you to unlock what makes YOU ‘tick’ when it comes to money

Your archetypes will also help create transformation in other areas of your life including relationships and business/career

You’ll come away from the “Sacred Money Archetypes Discovery Session” with a much clearer picture of who you are and how to stand in your power relative to money and finances.

During the Sacred Money Archetype Discovery Session, we’ll unveil:

  • your sacred money gifts and  challenges
  • your empowering money mindset
  • your money contract and
  • ways to be in alignment with  your sacred money contract

      Your Sacred Money Archetype holds the key to removing any resistance to making more money, clearing the path for you to achieve financial success with grace and ease, knowing you deserve it!
Once you complete a brief assessment (rating questions from 1 to 5) the results are tallied.
We then meet virtually and have a private conversation to discuss your strengths, challenges, empowering mindset and how to stay in alignment with your Sacred Money Archetype


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